Catch up on the latest Adobe Digital Literacy Café Series

Hear the latest perspectives from next-generation innovators on
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Summer is a great time to catch up on different perspectives on integrating digital storytelling with generative AI.
Our Digital Literacy Cafés are now available on-demand for your convenience. Watch one episode at a time — or feel free to binge them all as you plan for the Fall.

In this series, you will hear from a wide array of inspiring guests that will cover:

  • How educators are integrating new and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Latest perspectives from students including examples of coursework and projects.
  • How the conversation has evolved over the past year on key topics like generative AI, digital skills, and more.

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In this 2023 Back-to-School episode, each of our invited speakers spent the summer months last year as curricular leaders working to help their campuses prepare generative AI policies, statements, and best practices for the upcoming fall term.

Each shared the history of the development of these statements, the consensus they built so far, as well as what they anticipated right around the corner.

We compared different forward-thinking responses to AI, including especially authentic assessment and project-based learning.

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Last September’s Adobe Digital Literacy Café brought together thought leaders who direct centers for teaching and learning, and each shared a collection of lesson plans that successfully integrated generative AI into the curriculum on their campuses.

Our conversation highlighted best practices from across the disciplines, and we aimed to provide resources that could be easily used by any instructor in any higher education context.

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Last fall, most of the conversations about generative AI in higher education had focused on text, Large-Language Models, and academic integrity, for obvious reasons.

In the November Digital Literacy Café, we broadened and deepened the conversation by looking closely at generative AI image creation in terms of the visual arts and communication.

Our panel of expert faculty in graphic design, visual communication, photography, and illustration shared their perspectives on best practices for curricular integration, implications for the future of creative professions, and the future of creativity in general.

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The February episode of the Digital Literacy Café brought into focus the “essential skills” and “student learning outcomes” that educators were increasingly looking to integrate into their coursework across the entire curriculum through digital storytelling supported by generative AI.

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Four award-winning college instructors from across the curriculum shared innovative assignments that they designed to develop the “essential skills” and “student learning outcomes” that were the focus of the March Digital Literacy Café.

Each case study included the principles, goals, and contexts of each assignment, including lesson plans, materials, assessment strategies, and a reflection on the results.

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In April, we concluded the Digital Literacy Café series with student perspectives. Four student exemplars from across the curriculum showcased their inspiring work as they reflected on the “essential skills” and “student learning outcomes” that they developed as a result.